Train4OrthoMIS Midterm Meeting

14th October 2015, Gliwice (Poland).

The Instituto de Biomecánica (Biomechanics Institute-IBV) took part past 14th October at the Mid-Term and Steering Committee meeting of TRAIN4ORTHOMIS project at KOMAG facilities in Gliwice (Poland).

Train4OrthoMIS project aims to create, implement and set the basis for a pan-European exploitation of a new online VET course focused on ergonomic criteria in the design of working tools and of suitable operating room environments for MIS surgeons and assistants. In addition, of course, this course is also intended for medical students interested in acquiring ergonomic and usability skills associated with MIS techniques as a formative process.

The Instituto de Biomecánica (IBV) coordinates this initiative. The consortium is also formed by Institut für Biomecchanik (BGU-MURNAU); Centro de Cirugía de Mínima Invasión (CCMIJU); Institute of Mining Technology (KOMAG) and Silesian University of Technology (SUT).

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