Presentation of Train4OrthoMIS on Orthopedic Jubilee Conference on the Occasion of the 15th Anniversary of Sports Clinic, May 19 2017, Katowice

The Conference was organized by the Sports Clinic in Żory, Poland. The Clinic is one of the leading centres specialising in minimally invasive arthroscopic joint surgery in the country employing highly skilled professionals, who gained significant achievements developing medicine and orthopaedics in Poland. It is also a leader among private hospitals specialising in orthopaedics.

The Conference was held in the International Conference Center in Katowice.

The Fig. 1 presents official banners of the Conference.


banner_2.jpg  banner_1.jpg


The Conference was attended by  150 professionals from orthopaedics field including specialists for hip joint endoprosthesis and minimally invasive spine surgery. Within the Conference there was possibility to present Train4OthoMIS project. Additionally all of the participants has individually received information about the project in the form of leaflets included in the conference bag.

In the Fig. 2 there is presented the exhibitions stands of the conference including stand of Train4OrthoMIS project.


banner_3.jpg  banner_4.jpg


The Fig. 3 presents the leaflet of Train4OrthoMIS project shared within orthopaedists.