European Commission approves the TRAIN4ORTHOMIS Project

IBV has been supported his participation in the first round of the European Program Erasmus+. With an attendance close to 200 applications, the Spanish Agency for European Educational Programs has selected a total of 31 projects.

The main objective of this project is the development of the contents and the implementation of an online course to assure surgeons a worthy education and training along their professional career regarding ergonomics and usability applied to orthopaedic Minimally Invasive Surgery of hip and spine, matching product innovation with the needs of orthopaedic surgeons and the latter with their working environment. The e-learning tool resulting from the project will be available online in 4 European languages (English, Spanish, Polish and German) in order to increase acceptance of the course.

This project is Funded by European Commission ERASMUS+ Call 2014 KA2 – Cooperation and Innovation for Good Practices.


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