Train4OrthoMIS en el XI Congreso Nacional de los Servicios de Prevención de Riesgos Laborales en el Ámbito Sanitario

El 22 de noviembre de 2017, en el XI Congreso Nacional de los Servicios de Prevención de Riesgos Laborales en el Ámbito Sanitario, la investigadora del área de ergonomía y salud laboral del IBV, Alicia Piedrabuena, realizará dentro de la mesa “Ergonomía en el Ámbito Sanitario” una ponencia sobre Herramientas para la evaluación ergonómica en tareas de Manipulación Manual, Empuje y Arrastre de Pacientes en el Ámbito Sanitario.

En la mesa destacará el papel del IBV en la realización de proyectos de ergonomía en el ámbito sanitario, haciendo especial mención a los proyectos de formación enmarcados en el programa Erasmus+ y al proyecto recién finalizado TRAIN4ORTHOMIS (Erasmus+). Online Vocational Training course on ergonomics for orthopaedic Minimally Invasive Surgery.



19th International Conference of Healthcare & Life-Science Research (ICHLSR), 28-29 JULY 2017, Barcelona, Spain

Presentation of Train4OrthoMIS on 19th International Conference on Healthcare & Life-Science Research (ICHLSR), 28-29 July 2017, Barcelona, Spain. The Conference is a forum for sharing timely and up-to-date papers and presentation of scientific research on healthcare and particularly solutions for challenges in academics and practice, healthier and sustainable environment, innovations and ideas for improving the quality of health-care and the quality of life, innovative digital healthcare systems, effective public health and sanitation models,  Social, Economic and Psychological challenges on Health Industry, Innovation in Medical Education.

During Conference the paper including Train4OrthoMIS idea and outcomes titled: “Ergonomics education for improving the quality of working conditions in orthopedic practice” by Bartnicka Joanna, Piedrabuena Alicia, Portilla Raquel, Mleczko Katarzyna, Moyano – Cuevas Juan Luis, Pagador José Blas, Francisco M. Sánchez-Margallo, Augat Peter, Tokarczyk Jarosław, was presented.

The paper was chosen to plenary speech. In the Fig. 1 there is presented information about plenary speaker on ICHLSR website. 


Figure 1. Information about plenary speaker on Conference website


The event brought together Participants from 8 different countries, including Armenia, Turkey, Unlighted Kingdom, India, Ghana, Tunisia, to review and discuss the latest challenges of Latest technology and its application. International Association for Promotion of Healthcare and Life-Science Research (IAPHLSR) is known to have valuable networking opportunity and set the stage for further cooperation among the participants of different countries.

The Fig. 2 presents photos taken during Conference when presenting Train4OrthoMIS.




Figure 3. Photos taken during Conference

The Paper presenting Train4OrthoMIS project has obtained Award of Excellence (Fig. 4).









Figure 4. Award of Excellence obtained during the Conference

8th International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics (AHFE 2017), 17-21 July 2017, Los Angeles, USA

Presentation of Train4OrthoMIS on 8th International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics (AHFE 2017), 17-21 July 2017, Los Angeles, USA.  The conference objective is to provide an international forum for the dissemination and exchange of scientific information on theoretical, generic, and applied areas of human factors and ergonomics. This is accomplished through the following six modes of communication: keynote presentation, parallel sessions, demonstration and poster sessions, tutorials, exhibitions, and meetings of special interest groups.

The number of participant was more than 2.000.

In the Fig. 1 there is presented the several photos from the conference space.








Figure 1 AHFE Conference space

All submitted abstracts will be peer-reviewed by three independent referees from the international program boards. Papers in the theoretical category should deal with models, concepts, and structures; papers in the generic category should present research results of broad applicability; and papers in the applied category should show how the demands of particular application areas shape the way generic research is translated into practical innovation.

During the Conference the paper titled: “Train4OrthoMIS online course as a manner of improving ergonomics in orthopedic surgery” by Joanna Bartnicka, Alicia Piedrabuena, Raquel Portilla, Juan Moyano, José Blas Pagador, Peter Augat, Dariusz Michalak Jarosław Tokarczyk and Francisco Miguel Sánchez Marga, was presented (Fig. 2).




Figure 2. Presentation of Train4OrthoMIS project during AHFE Conference

The Final meeting of the Train4OrthoMIS project took place last 27th of July

The Final meeting and Steering Committee of the Train4OrthoMIS project took place last 27th of July 2017 in Cáceres at CCMIJU facilities.


The following topics were covered during the project and the Consortium finalised the last details for the final justification.

  • Administrative and financial issues of the project.
  • Pilot study analysis and implementation of the final version-Impartation of the training courses

    -Evaluation of the training courses

    -External evaluation of the training courses

  • Pilot study analysis and implementation of the final version-Review of Results

    -Implementation of the final version

  • Dissemination-To revise dissemination activities already performed
  • Exploitation-List of possible actions regarding the exploitation activities to be done from now until the end of the project
  • Project management-Project justification





Train4OrthoMISproject aims to create, implement and set the basis for a pan-European exploitation of a new online VET course focused on ergonomic criteria in the design of working tools and of suitable operating room environments for MIS surgeons and assistants. In addition, of course, this course is also intended for medical students interested in acquiring ergonomic and usability skills associated with MIS techniques as a formative process.


This project is Funded by European Commission ERASMUS+
Call 2015 KA2 – Cooperation and Innovation for Good Practices

The Train4OrthoMIS team publish the Newsletter 6!

You can download the Newsletter 6 accessing to this link: NEWSLETTER


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