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folder Dissemination Activities

The objective is to provide the project with a sound dissemination and communication framework of the project and outcomes course at European level. Dissemination and Communication have been a main concern in the definition of the project, our strategy is based on:

  1. Addressing both end-users and potential stakeholders
  2. Having a continuous dialogue with these interest groups to ensure the applicability of results

folder O1. Training needs in MIS orthopaedic surgery ergonomics for surgeons

This intellectual output of the project is a report summarizing the results from the two studies performed and the analysis of the data gathering. The report contains the conclusions derived from the study and analysis of the vocational training needs detected across Europe regarding the ergonomic criteria applied to MIS orthopaedic surgery (from surgeons perspective).

Information issue of the analysis will be structured as follows:

  • General conclusions for Europe as a whole.
  • Conclusions related to formative needs/gaps for each country/region due to specific features such as the formal training programmes available.
  • Methodological procedures applied to extract information from potencial end-users.


folder O2. VET curriculum of the Train4OrthoMIS

This output of the project contains the VET curriculum, specifically covering:

  • The learning objectives meeting formative needs detected in the activity "Gathering of specific vocational training requirements" and gathered in the intellectual output 1;
  • The suitable course structure and learning methods to achieve the learning objectives, including both theoretical and practical activities/materials;
  • The evaluation methods to be used to demonstrate both the achievement of the learning objectives.


folder O3. Complete materials and contents of the course

This output contains the formative contents following the VET curriculum of the course including the complete modules´subjects and their complementary materials. The following knowledge areas are potentially covered by developed materials:

  • Introduction to the Ergonomics
  • Biomechanics: postures and movements in different techniques
  • Ergonomics of the MIS instruments for hip and spine

Each module contains an introduction, a glossary, sessions (defined in the IO2), a self-evaluation activity and complementary materials.


folder O4. First prototype of the e-learning course

This output contains the first prototype of the e-learning course in English. This e-learning course, at this stage, is the first prototype and has to be validated in the next activity.

The course is offered online to be suitable for active professionals and for students following formal education courses, so they can "attend" the course at anytime, from anywhere. Initially it is offered in an international version in English.


folder O5. Pilot test report

This output describes all the activities taking place to define and develop the pilot tests taking place in the international scenario. In addition, the work performed to treat the results and extract worthy information to improve the e-learning course prototype and contents/materials are reported in this output. This information is used to revise and improve the English course and assure its adequacy to the project objectives, before translating the definitive contents to the rest of languages.


folder O6. Final version of the e-learning course

This output is the final and definitive version of the e-learning courses in English, German, Spanish and Polish.