folder Dissemination Activities

The objective is to provide the project with a sound dissemination and communication framework of the project and outcomes course at European level. Dissemination and Communication have been a main concern in the definition of the project, our strategy is based on:

  1. Addressing both end-users and potential stakeholders
  2. Having a continuous dialogue with these interest groups to ensure the applicability of results


folder Articles and Conferences

Since one of the main strategies be the involvement of stakeholders from the beginning of the project in different activities, the workshops are opened to participants beyond the partnership consortium. Workshops are conjointly organised by the partner holding the workshop and by the partner presenting results of their work.

folder Dissemination Reports

Registry of all the dissemination activities completed during the project.

folder Newsletters

Newsletters help inform readers and get people interested on our project. They serve as a medium to announce upcoming events and updates, and they reach a wide range of people vial mail.