folder O3_A1. Task 1. Development of session contents



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We have classified in different sections the contents to include in each session. We have performed a literature review of the different hip and spine pathologies, identifying the frequency and severity for the affected patients.

A review of hip and spine surgical procedures has also been performed, knowing the different approaches used in particular for the procedure and identifying the advantages and disadvantages of each approach.

A review of surgical instruments most used in hip and spine surgery has been performed. The instrumental for accomodation of the hip and spine prosthesis has been chosen to analyze the ergonomics and generate recommendations for use during this task.

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One of the most important aspects of the training materials, that was highlighted by surgeons in the surveys (see IO1), is to make them useful for the job and to input in the contents the practical instructions for creating ergonomic conditions in operating room. For this purpose, the content material is developing among others based on recognition of real conditions thanks to observing and video registering orthopaedics surgeries.

This partial report summarises the work on exercises of orthopaedic surgical procedures in real environment conditions.